live simply that others may simply live.
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 learn. live. grow. give.
We have developed the 7 core areas of our live simply program, to foster our goal of promoting sustainable living. We can customize a program for you from one, several,or all of these core areas. 
living wild
Primitive Skills Workshops
Organic Permaculture Workshops
Herbal and Natural Healing Workshops
Natural Construction Workshops

Natural and Indigenous Arts & Crafts Workshops
Cultural Heritage, Music and Dance Workshops
Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness Development Workshops

“And Yahweh Elohim took the Man and put him into the Garden of Eden to work it and to keep it.” Genesis 2:15
We believe Yahweh’s original intention for us, “to eat of every tree in the Garden” is still his highest intention for us; That we might live a simple life, being provided for by his beautiful creation! The truth that most of the world has walked away from this model for living simply is clear to anyone who looks around them.  The pressure to eat of the Tree of Knowledge is strong. We are made to feel like being narrow-minded in following YHWH with passion, and trusting in him to provide our every need, is unreasonable. ‘It’s okay to be a Christian as long as you don”t take it too seriously,’ is the message the world throws at us! We are told to give into sinful urges if they ‘feel good,’ to be tolerant of sin in our lives, in our communities, and in our governments. We are pressured to fill our lives with digital media, electronic devices, and  un-natural foods and cosmetics. Counter culture often leads us into paths of substance abuse and avoidance as coping strategies for living a life disconnected form our PRIMAL SOURCE! 
    The Live Simply Programs we offer are designed to encourage people to purge all of these carnal worldly desires, and begin to live a life that brings us closer to our Creator through experiencing his creation. When we get lost in a world where we look to a glowing screen for the weather instead of the clouds and heavenly bodies, (which most people do not even know how to discern anymore!!) we have strayed. If we cannot find North (or even a simple address in our own city!!!) without a GPS capable device, and we have not visited a library  in weeks or months but we turn to Google as an all knowing oracle daily, hourly even... we have lost touch with a crucial part of what makes us human! YHWH MADE MAN FROM EARTH, dirt, soil, something “civilized’ society has taught us all to abhor, avoid and pave over. We think it’s time to get our hands a little dirty, and make our hearts clean!
What does live simply mean?
Living Simply means you don’t spend your life trying to attain material wealth, or make life any more complicated than necessary. You work together in a simple community, supporting one another and practicing generalized reciprocity and you do your best to source all goods as locally as possible beginning with yourself. It also means being committed to giving up the things the Scriptures tell us are harmful to our body, our spirit, our community or our planet. It is our goal to help you learn how to create a lifestyle for yourself in alignment with YHWH’s original intentions for mankind. Whether you discover a niche for yourself or your family here, or carry the knowledge you have gleaned across the seven seas, we believe you WILL be changed! To that end 
live simply- indigenous seed programs
When we break away from the unnatural influences of our technologically burdened society, there is something indigenous within each of us. It is a seed or a spark of love and truth that expresses the golden rule handed down by Yahusha Messiah, (VERSE)  to others, what you would have them do to you! And as much as we all agree that is how we should behave, sadly, the world pulls us in so many directions, that we do not always do to others what we would have them do to us. We have developed simple programs that are designed to awaken and bring to fruition the indigenous seed within each individual. When we say indigenous seed we are referring to that part of you, written into your very DNA that strives for simple connectedness to your Creator, your earth, your family and your community. When we feel connected,l we naturally apply the Golden rule in our lives and communities.  It is awareness of this truth that the corporate world has long robbed you of, And it is this same awareness which is slowly awakening in each of us driving us toward experiences that activate it and help us to align with the will of our Creator and the Creative Force of YHWH’s Love that permeates all life! 
Our various day WORKSHOPS can be used as individual units to customize your experience and to build upon the emerging consciousness you are developing by helping you acquire and eventually master crucial life skills that help you to exist within the more grounded structure of a small community and to become more self-sufficient and confident in your ability to provide for yourself from the abundance of nature! This begins the journey on the live simply path. Our programs can be customized FOR ANY AGE or STAGE of learning! We have received increasing interest in a program for families and for younger children to take in tandem with a parent and have thus developed the Tandem Unschooling program.....

3 day New moon Indigenous Seed  Program 
Our 3 day program seeks to expose short term visitors to the guiding principles of our live simply program. It is like the germination of a seed that when watered and placed in fertile ground begins to take root and will continue to grow. We will expose you to the reality of how the current world system came to be so powerful both within and without ourselves. We will follow this up with a detailed survey and self analysis that will allow you to analyze the various ways your own worldview and behaviors have been shaped by this system. Finally we will invite you to imagine what your life might be like if you begin to consciously create a life free from this subtle but powerful mental and economic slavery that is currently dominating our world. We will also give you the information and resources on how to continue to awaken the Indigenous seed within yourself and others. It only takes a spark to get a fire going......

7 day full moon Indigenous Seed Program
 Our 7 day program has evolved over the past decade to incorporate the most powerful elements for this awakening to take place in a lasting way. Through awareness, yoga, meditation, indigenous dance and rhythm workshops, tribal voice, conscious music, and a raw connection to the environment though a two day walkabout experience we will bring things out of you that will alter your worldview forever... and the best part is it will all happen from within yourself. You own your experience! Just as agriculture, fertility, climate and other natural life cycles are governed by the cycles of the sun and moon, our program is timed to culminate on the full moon of each lunar month for maximum affect! 

the live simply path
What Can I creatE for myself?
Most people, given the right tools and a little assistance love to grow things for themselves whether it is as simple as hardy herbs that even the chickens can’t peck to death or delicate sweet pepper and tomato plants (yes tomatoes are a bit delicate here!) But some people just find it is not their thing. When we live simply we must discover what ‘our things’ are and practice practice practice until we can reliably provide those things for ourselves and eventually even for our Community. Unfortunately the mainstream school system trains young minds to think, analyze, follow directions, and compute very well but largely fails to teach life or trade skills in any meaningful way. This is unfortunate but we believe we still each have inborn, creator-given gifts waiting to be discovered and awakened. SO the first question on the live simply path becomes:  WHAT CAN I PRODUCE?

What Can I CreatE for OTHERS?
The next logical question, given that no man is an island who can create all he needs for himself...... is WHAT CAN I PRODUCE FOR OTHERS? This question may be a simple one, perhaps you are already and artist, a healer, a teacher, a midwife, a woodcarver, etc. Or perhaps you feel lost and are not sure what you have to offer others? Regardless of wether you realize it or not, you DO have MUCH to offer others. You may have to discover and develop your talents but they are there within you as distinct as your eye color, the shape of your face or your laugh.. Uniquely yours! We want to help you find those things!

In what ways am I still depending on a system that does not align with my highest good?
Many times in life we all feel compelled to compromise. In fact to live within the context of Babylon and not  compromise is a rarity I have yet to witness... somehow her tangled webs draw you in, and you find yourself at the very least burning oil....wasting water maybe.... using chemical crap that smells good to ‘clean’ yourself... we each compromise in different ways, usually to save a dollar because this system makes it so difficult in so many ways. The important thing is not to beat ourselves up over it but to acknowledge these ‘weak spots’ and then commit ourselves to changing our lifestyle gently and yet firmly to reflect our highest ideals. Perhaps you cannot, as most cannot, avoid using petroleum completely. But you can limit it, consciously, carpool, go without, go to town less often, bike etc. One step at at time with the goal being total liberation from Babylon’s poisons and pretty lures! That is our vision of living simply!

In what ways am I willing to let go now?
When we founded the Community as a young married couple with no children we lived in a palm thatch with no walls! We cooked over fire (and still do) and carried every drop of water we used for cooking, bathing, and washing up the hill from our spring. We spent 7 years with no water and no electricity, lacking the funding to develop either. It was a awesome and enlightening experience that came out of a willingness to let go of all those luxuries and just see what we could carve for ourselves out of this world! We carved quite a bit as it turns out. Fifeteen years, a hydro and solar setup, 6 children,  and many community constructed buildings later we have a budding Community from what was raw land. Because we were willing to go without these things for so long, and we patiently developed the existing infrastructure you can benefit not only from our hard work, our mistakes, and our inspirations, but from our sacrifice. Today we have internet, electricity, washing machines, hot showers, phones and all those other babylonian niceties BUT THEY ARE ORGANICALLY DEVELOPED, and are a small addition to our life. When the power is out, as it often is with a renewable energy system, we are not dependent on it, life goes on!  But the question remains,.......WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE? Do you believe white sugar is toxic to your body- give it up for good! This is s supportive place to do that 9we don’t even use BROWN sugar!- gasp!). Do you know those cigarettes are destroying your lungs with their arsenal of synthetic chemicals, give them up, learn to grow your own organic Tobacco here instead- or do away with it altogether if you want to! We are here to support you but never to force you into living simply. We trust you will support us too!

Living Simply
So what is it at the end of the day?  Striving for simplicity, sustainability, and a traditional life-way. If you are ready to let us facilitate that, we are ready to meet you! Contact us now!