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The Live Simply Programs: “Give to me an account of your stewardship; for you are not able any longer to be a steward for me....” Luke 16:2 HRB                    This precept of good stewardship is the core guiding belief behind our Live Simply Programs and Workshops. By teaching others how to utilize the resources our Creator has given us to benefit themselves and others without destroying our precious Earth we are changing the world, one heart at a time.  Find out more....     

Buy your piece of Permaculture Paradise!:The world economy has never before been so interconnected, and elaborate as it is now.... and as such it is more volatile and fragile than ever. Recent world events have begun to show hints of this instability and the wise and proactive believers of the world are thinking about a ‘plan b’ to the traditional ‘Developed nation dream’ of endless growth’ and the consumer cycle or perpetual debt. Find out more....   

Our Vision
The STAND Center  is Permaculture Farm, a unique learning center, and a newly emerging Christian Community based upon faith in YHWH, the principles of generalized reciprocity, respect for creation, and reliance on local resources and economies for our livelihoods.
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STAND Center Community

P.O. Box 576 ~ Belmopan, Belize ~ Central America