live simply TANDEM Un-schooling Programs

We are now offering programs that allow Parents and their children to each participate either together or in separate individualized programs who’s main goal is to develop outdoor and cooperative living skills. What better way to experience living in a more authentic and connected way than to do so in an established permaculture community?!? Below are two of our pre-designed courses but we can custom build any course for you based on the workshops we offer. Just email us to find out more!


12 DAY ‘GET RAW’ Program

To find out more or book a program email us:

A Life-School for all ages!
Often parents feel that they no longer have time to learn once they have children. With our Tandem Unschooling program you can learn together! These programs can be tailored to your individual learning goals and we even offer a childcare program for the littlest ones to stay happily occupied while you pursue your learning goals!
What if you and your child could learn how to be more connected to the TANDEM?